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NOTE: changes will be made to rates, payments and scheduling. They will be effective August 2020.

What we require from you:

We understand that things come up in the last minute and you might not be able to make a deadline but let us know as soon as you can to help us to maintain our schedule and assist you.

Before hiring an editor, ensure your manuscript is complete and of an acceptable standard and quality. When hiring an editor for a proofread, ensure the manuscript is complete, formatted and ready for publication, otherwise, we reserve the right to return your manuscript and cancel your contract until the manuscript is ready. Once the manuscript is ready, you will be required to hire again, we will not reserve a spot for you.


If you are yet to finish your manuscript but would like to book in early to save a spot, you are more than welcome to. Contact us today to find out how you can hire an editor in advance today.

Hiring in advance means your project comes first and you receive your edit back without prolonged wait.


Accepted programs:


Here at Newspeak Press, we only accept manuscripts in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Office Word

  • Apache Open Office

If we receive your manuscript in another format, we will send it back for you to reformat. This could lengthen the time the edit takes, so ensure your manuscript is in the correct format before sending it through to our team.



We have various methods of communication with our clientele:

Preferred font:


We prefer your manuscript's font to be in one of the following or similar for readability purposes:

  • Times New Roman

  • Palatino Linotype

  • Calibri

  • Arial

We also prefer 11-12 as the font size. However, if your manuscript does not meet these general guidelines, we will not turn your manuscript away. We accept all manuscripts, no matter the font but we might change the font if the manuscript in unreadable.

(NOTE: This may not apply to your manuscript if you are seeking proofreading)


Genres we work with:

We edit a variety of genres. Our editor-in-chief works mainly with science fiction, fantasy, and romance. However, our outsourced editors work with:

  • Horror

  • Poetry

  • General fiction

  • Christian fiction

  • Academic works

  • Non-fiction (such as memoirs, web content, or magazine articles)


Refund and payment policy:


Once you have signed a contract protecting the rights of you and your manuscript, payment is made on request through a PayPal invoice. If you do not have the full payment upfront, please contact us to see our other options: (PAYMENT OPTIONS in the subject line). Please note: you will not receive your edited manuscript back until full payment is made.


If you wish to seek a refund for a deposit or payment made, please contact us at (REFUND in the subject line). While we do our best to ensure you are happy with your work, we understand that financial or time issues may hinder the editing process. We are more than happy to discuss any issue with you.


Potential change to payment policy: Payment options available through Payright, Zippay, and Afterpay.


At Newspeak Press, we offer the deal of a discount on more than one developmental edit for your project. This means, if you decide to hire us for a second (or third!) developmental edit on the same project, you will receive a discount. Contact us for more information at (DISCOUNT in the subject line).

Join up to our monthly newsletter for an annual birthday discount to use during your birth month! If you have signed up to our newsletter, you have the chance to receive a discount of up to 50% throughout the course of the year.

Important notes:


You have the right to accept or reject any suggested changes made by one of our editors through Track Changes.


While we want to assist you as much as possible, unfortunately, we cannot offer you free editing.


Working with one of our editors does NOT guarantee publication. While we make every effort to return your manuscript without any errors, sometimes our editors miss errors. We recommend scanning your returned manuscript for errors.

Changes to rates:

In August 2020, the rates* will increase.

Currently, developmental editing costs $45 an hour, copyediting costs $30 an hour, and proofreading costs $35 an hour.

Prices will increase as follows:

  • Developmental editing: $55 an hour

  • Copyediting: $45 an hour

  • Proofreading: $45 an hour

*All prices are in Australian dollars.


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